get to know me question tag

Annyeong! So now im gonna make get to know me question tag! Edisi bahasa campur. Ngegege. Btw, in this tag, im not tag someone, so you can repost this tag with your own answer! So, here y go!

This question tag is not made by me, im just saved it from Google and change the title. Ehehehe. Im so so sorry to someone who makes this tag:(

1. Im not lies! Now is 06:35 PM, so 3 hours ago im in my room! hehehe ;)
2. confession for what?
3. weak:)
4. grey, black and white
5. anti-mainstream question! i like that! my toothbrush is yellow-white coloured but im never wear that again cz i use my sister's toothbrush, hahaha
6. No, im is underage
7. 12 July
8. Kpop ;D
9.i cant write 3 cz i have alot of pet peeves
10. mom
11. cancer
12. lay exo, but i call him 'icing' :v
13. red velvet - peek a boo
14. brown-black maybe idk i have a no words
15. Southeast asian
16. see the thumbnail
17. Makkah and korea ofc
18. yes
19. rain
20. smartphone? touchscreen? is that word describe my phone type? and see my bias's concert
22. idk i never count my time
23. bias dating, passed away, lost someone, and.. what? idk
24. Exo
25. koalas
26. parents and bias
27. veggies
28. the captain underpants : the epic movie, go back couple, chief kim, etc.
29. idk i forgot it.
20. long distance relationships with oppa;)

you can do this tag too! ;) goodbye

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