Behind The Scene

idk why i vvery like dat gurl:3 but, that isn't me:'')

Myself and personality
Annyeong! Just call me Sasha. I am 11th years old girl. 6th grade and live in Bandung, Jawa Barat.  Introduction is enough, you do not need to know me too close, right? I was think, you're don't need my intro, just knowing my name.

I like to writing, blogging, dancing, reading, watching Youtube / Netflix, singing, cooking, eating //ofcourse! but i like eat snack alot XD\\ and listening some kind of music everyone doesn't like. I like to be different. Because different is better, yea. Tbh, im is a lazy gurl but i like to trying something new. But, tbh //again, im not stupid, yea. And maybe, some people will ask me some question like 'what's your purpose?'. Tbh //sorry i type alot of 'tbh' coz i really-really honest\\, i have alot of purpose.

My purpose is go to Mecca, make my parents happy, and bermanfaat untuk nusa, bangsa, dan agama. That is my purpose. And... oh sorry! i forgot the last one, i want to grow tall to 175. Okay, i know i must drinking milk alot:'v and last but not least, i dreamed to see the kpop concert although only once. Huhuhu. //fangirl pasti sering merasakan TT

My personality is kindhearted girl, shy, talk less but do thing more, and very very fangirling omg! But that is just what people say, i can't judge myself. But fangirling is the thrue personality of me. Sometimes, i can get insane or crazy when my bias dating with someone else:3 ahhh very very fangirl.

And, last, if you want to contact me, you can send a message at dm Instagram or send me some email.
Instagram: @ohsasa2k18
Thank you for reading about this page. I hope we can keep stay in touch and be a nice friend. And i wish this blog content can helping you guys. Im not a great blogger, but i still learning and learning. 
Please be a good person at cyber :)

Have a good day, everyone! ;)


  1. wah....kpopers ya? aku juga kpopers. biasku v,suga, chanyeol, irene

  2. Sama dong aku biasa-biasa aja kalau nge-fans :v Aku kumpul di grup LINE yang kebanyakannya anime pada fangirling sama husbando-nya (kalau di k-pop bias) kalau di-taken, ribut-ribut :v

    1. apalagi kalo nikah:')) timeline bakalan banyak berita tentang itu, kayak contohnya songsong couple mo nikah beritanya sejagad, kai-crystal putus pun, timeline aku penuh sama berita itu:>

  3. Hola, Sasha. Salam kenal ya~ > v < Btw, Kak Ai juga A.R.M.Y, Reveluv, BLINK, ... #multifandom :"D

    Oh ya, jadi Sasha sekarang umurnya 11 tahun??

  4. kamu kelas 6?? ayee samaa! samaan juga aku pengen nonton konser oppa huhuhu

  5. kamu punya FB nggak, Sha? Follback igku ya @angel_ica713

    1. eh, kamu follow duluan, ya! Nanti baru di follback